Average Dental Implant Fees

The following statistical data is based on the American Dental Association (ADA) annual report on dental fees. This report is based on surveys of private practicing dentists in the United States. It’s important to note that there are a number of factors that contribute to cost of dental implants for each individual and these are just national averages. To truly understand what dental implants cost you’ll need to consult with a cosmetic dentist so that your unique situation is addressed.

Dental Implant Fees (Per Implant)

Surgical placement of implant$1,565
Abutment for implant
$605 (mean)
   Prefabricated $549
Crown, porcelain fused to metal (PFM), high-noble metal$1,119
*Costs based per single dental implant.
*All fee data courtesy of the American Dental Association.

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Dental Implant Cost And Financing Options

Dental Implant CostIn the past there were few options for replacing missing teeth. These options usually included dentures, partials, and bridges. All of these options have been known to cause discomfort for many people. Dental implants are a relatively new alternative that can replace missing teeth without the long-term discomfort because they are as close to original teeth as possible. One major concern people have is the dental implant cost.

Even though there are numerous options for replacing missing teeth, none are as effective and durable as dental implants. Dental implants effectively replace missing teeth and restore functionality. They can also preserve the structures in the mouth better than other options. These implants are also the most durable option and they can last up to twenty years.

Not everyone is a candidate for dental implants. It is important to be evaluated by a dentist who is licensed in dental implant procedures before getting too attached to the idea of having implants placed. If you are not a candidate for implants, there are many other options available. Tooth replacement methods have come a long way in recent years and more options are available than ever before.

Not all dentists are licensed to do implant procedures or exams. Check your local phone book or the Internet to find specially licensed dentists in your area. Once you find a specially licensed dentist set up an appointment to determine if you are a candidate for dental implants.

Dental implant surgery is quite successful and has a success rate between 90% and 95%. Dental implants can fail because of misplacement, breaks, or other factors. This happens in less than ten percent of cases overall. Smoking can lead to failure of implants as well.

Basic dental implants cost between $1,500 and $3,000 each. Naturally, these are approximate numbers and procedures will vary based on your unique needs. If reconstructive surgery is needed on the jaw before implants can be placed the cost may be considerably higher. In either case, dental implants are quite expensive because of the intricate placement method that must be used.

Dental implants are actually screwed into the jaw bone using titanium screws. If the jaw bone is not strong enough to accept the screw reconstructive surgery may be in order. In some cases it may not be possible to place the implants at all if the jaw bone is not in good enough shape.

The dental implant cost you’ll pay can vary dramatically depending upon the health of your mouth and jaw. The only way to know how much it will cost you is by visiting a dentist who is specially licensed in dental implant placement. If you need only one tooth replaced you may not have to pay too much, but if you need multiple replacements the cost will add up quickly. This can be a good option for many people who are missing teeth and want to restore their smile, but for many the cost is prohibitive. Many dentists offer financing options to those with a good credit history to help to make dental implants a possibility for people who cannot pay upfront.

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Tooth Implant Cost And Procedure

Tooth Implant CostIn order to understand tooth implant cost and procedure you need to know what tooth implants are. Tooth implants, sometimes called ‘dental implants’, are an alternative to bridges or dentures. They are actually ‘replacement tooth roots’. They’re used as solid foundations for either fixed or removable tooth replacements that are fashioned to match the natural teeth. They’re loaded with benefits for the recipients.

One of the first benefits of getting tooth implants is in your appearance. These tooth replacements look like your very own teeth. And since they’re made to fuse with your bone, they end up being permanent. And since they’re just like your own teeth, they’re amazingly comfortable. They will also function like your own teeth. If you get dentures, they tend to move around on you while eating, but not so with tooth implants.

When you get a tooth supported bridge, sometimes you have to reduce some of your other teeth. With tooth implants this isn’t necessary. Most of your remaining teeth should be left intact, and the implants placed around them. They can last for many years, even for the rest of your life. They can improve speech for some people, and are an asset to maintaining good oral health.

The sad thing about the typical tooth implant cost is that it’s not usually covered under dental insurance. Some medical plans may have some help, but as a rule, this type of dental work just isn’t covered. In rare cases it’s  possible, depending on the reasons for needing the work done, whether or not it can be paid by the insurance. You’d have to check with your insurance provider to find out.

The total tooth implant cost and procedure can be quite expensive. Some individual implants can run you from $1,000 up to $5, 000. This will depend on what type of implantation you need, as well as which dentist you use to perform the procedure. Location and materials are factors that influence your cost as well. If you should need something as severe as a full mouth reconstruction, then you could end up paying anywhere from $24, 000 all the way up to as much as $100, 000.

For the procedure, you dentist will need to give you a thorough examination to see that you can handle it. They will look at your bone density, and bone quantity, and make an evaluation from there. If needed, they can perform ‘bone grafting’ from either a piece of your own bone, a bovine bone, or from a synthetic bone. This is a call that your dentist will have to make from his examination.

The outright tooth implant costs shouldn’t prevent you from pursuing implants should you need them. Many of the dentists provide financing for the very reason that most insurances don’t cover the procedure. You’ll need to get yourself a quote that’s detailed, from anesthesia to the surgery, and the post and crown as well. Also X-rays and synthetic bone will figure into your cost.

For both tooth implant cost and procedure cost you can find discounts to help you out. Places like dental colleges offer discounts to help with their educational programs. And the American Dental Association has been known to provide people with a partial payment toward their dental implants, if they qualify as low-income patients.

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